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Why Karnataka

Why Karnataka

* Hightest in R & D expenditure in South India

* Karnataka is home to more than 230 pharma and biotechcompanies.

* Karnataka ranks 10th in the number of pharma manufacturing units in India.

* Karnataka is one of the fastest growing states in terms of the pharmaceutical sector in India.The state occupies the fifth position in the pharmaceutical exports. Around 40% of the state’s pharma produce is exported overseas.

* Karnataka is among the top ten states that are known to have the maximum number of pharma manufacturing units in the country.The state has 221 formulation units and 74 bulk drug units.

* Karnataka is one of the top ranking industrialized states in the country.Karnataka has emerged as a leading player in the biotechnology revolution of India. More than 60% of the biotechcompanies in the country have a base in Karnataka.

* Exclusive biotech centers and parks planned in various cities and towns of the state including the Nutraceutical and Phyto Pharmaceutical Park at Mysore

* The state has more than 75 undergraduate and 40 postgraduate colleges that impart courses in pharmacy.

* The state has more than 500 factories driving its chemical industry. Mangalore has evolved as the hub of Karnataka’s chemical and petrochemical industries. Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited (MRPL) is the leading name in the state’s petrochemical industry.

* There are 481 degree colleges affiliated with one of the universities in the state, viz. Bangalore University, Gulbarga University, Karnatak University, Kuvempu University, Mangalore University and Mysore University.There are 186 engineering, 39 medical and 41 dental colleges in the state.

* India is the 2nd largest cement producing country in the world. Karnataka produces more than 11 million tons of cement annually. It contributes to 6.51% of the total    cement manufactured in India. The state occupies 7th position in the cement production of the country. Karnataka has more than 16 cement industries. 


Pharma Organizations in Karnataka


* Bangalore Pharmaceutical & Research Laboratory (Pvt.) Ltd.

* Cadila Pharmaceutical Ltd.

* Novalife Healthcare

* Bangalore Genei Pvt. Ltd.

* Kemwell Bio Pharma

* Karnatka Antibiotics & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

* Group Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

* Lotus Pabs Pvt. Ltd.

* Sun Pharmaceutical Industries

* Resonance Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.


Biotech Organizations in hub of Biotechnology


* Genotypic Technology

* Biocon India Ltd.

* Aurigene Discovery Technology

* Bhat Biotech

* Accelrys Inc.

* Alltech Biotechnology Pvt. Ltd.

* ReaMetrix India Pvt. Ltd.

* Labland Biotechs

* Sartorius India

* Greenearth Biotechnologies Ltd.


Research Institutes in Karnataka


* CSIR - Central Food Technological Research Institute

* India Space Research Organization

* Institute of Bioinformatics & Applied Biotechnology

* Raman Research Institute

* Jawarharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research

* National Research Centre for Cashew

* National Centre for Biological Sciences

* Poornaprajna Institute of Scientific Research

* National Aerospace Laboratory

* Central Food Technological Research Institute


  Food, Breweries & Distilleries in Karnataka


* Indo Nissian Foods Pvt. Ltd.

* Sri Bhagyalakshmi Foods

* Dabur India Ltd.

* Cadbury India Ltd.

* ITC Kitchen of India

* United Spirits Ltd.

* McDowell Holdings Ltd.

* MTR Foods LTd.

* Express Coffee Pvt. Ltd.

* Tasa Foods